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How to be Rock Steady in Business!

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By Angela Morris

How to be Rock Steady in Business!


Will the real entrepreneurs please stand up? You can be rock steady in business! We have all heard about the failure rate of start-ups but I want you to be one of the ones who succeed! Those of us who will recognise some features and/or qualities we all have in common when we examine How to be Rock Steady in Business:


Rock steady


Take time to understand the figures – Some find this easier others (like me!) have to learn the hard way! You need to take out some time to make sure your figures e.g. charging structure vs expenses, make sense or you will go down the pan very quickly!

Understand figures

Remember short term pain for long-term gain- Rome was not built in a day, neither was your business! It can be a hard building a firm foundation but build you must! Yes, we entrepreneurs are full of it (ideas that is!) however be careful not to spread yourself too thin. In the early days, draw a line as to how many business you can build at one time!

Short term pain

Leadership qualities are key-You are no longer under the responsibility of someone else to be the driving force, set you task etc. You are your own guide and also that of others! Freedom brings its own challenges however these can be overcome ensuring that you empower yourself with keeping up to date with leadership strategies, workshops and seminars.

Leadership qualities

Be a focused individual— Please see my very popular blog on” Distractions” for this subject! (this not a shameless plug, I would tell you if it was!) This is my personal nemesis as I love the networking and socialising part of my business. Having said that, here I am writing this blog! You need to be disciplined in order to stay focused.

Be focused


Navigating the tough times- Only the deluded thinks that running a business is easy! Being your own boss can sometimes feel like an ongoing nightmare you cannot wake up from, but the good news is you will if you stay the distance! You do however need a good sense of self and robustness to carry you through the more challenging times ( which could go on for quite a while)  which is why you need to pay attention to the other points above!

Tough times


Finally… be fair to yourself in evaluating whether you think you have what it takes! Being self-employed is really not for everyone, sometimes we just need to be happy with our 9-5. Especially as we climb out of the recession. But not me! Why? Because…


“Life’s too short!”

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Life's Too Short - by Angela R Morris

“Life’s Too Short!” (So handle your business!-) by Angela R Morris

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How to Navigate the Choppy Waters of Business Negotiation!


 How to Navigate the Choppy Waters of Business Negotiation!



 AM Total Business Solutions Ltd - www.angelarmorris.com

        By Angela Morris

On a daily basis the majority of us are involved in some form of negotiation at some level (think about it) and for those of us in business this task cannot be avoided however it can definitely be successfully navigated!




So what exactly is “negotiating”?

This could be described as:

“The act of discussing an issue between two or more parties with competing interests with an aim of coming to an agreement”

Here are some primary keys you can use when entering, what I call, the choppy waters of negotiation:

  1. Ensure that you are talking to the decision-maker– don’t waste an hour or even two only to have to be passed on to someone else.
  2. Make sure you are prepared- do your homework about the company or individual you are negotiating with, otherwise how will you know their needs/weaknesses and leverage them to your advantage?
  3. Try and talk to others who may have had encounters with your potential client– this may help you build a picture of who you are dealing with!
  4. Have a goal or target in mind before you hold the meeting-keep it realistic but ultimately, be firm about what you want!
  5. Have something to give away (some freebies) without upsetting your negotiating position-everyone likes complimentaries!
  6. If you are buying goods or services, do not divulge your budget or other financial limits in your negotiating position-you may end up with a cheaper but also poorer version of the product!
  7. Be humble in your approach– let your goods and/or services do the major talking!

Finally…Always remember that during the course of the negotiation, the goal or objective may be modified if there are changes in the opportunity and other unanticipated actions by either party. And finally again…If you don’t ask you won’t get! Why? Because…

Life’s Too Short!

(which is the same title of my new business self-help ebook

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Life's Too Short - by Angela R Morris

            Life’s Too Short –  So handle your business!    £2.99                         by Angela R Morris



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Hot biz tips from my chat with Tim Campbell OBE

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By Angela Morris

Hot biz tips from my chat with Tim Campbell OBE


One of the main benefits of attending networking events is that you never know who you are going to meet! I was invited to attend a meeting hosted by Open Doors Network specifically to encourage start-ups to pitch for business. Whilst I was there who should I get to meet? The one and only Tim Campbell OBE! Do you remember him as the winner of the very first UK episode of “The Apprentice!”. He is now the CEO of Bright Ideas Trust a social enterprise for start-up businesses.


So what did I ask him? Well, you know me (or maybe you don’t) I went by one my rules (I try not to have too many of those!) which is

Angie’s rule: “Always be ready with a good question when you meet an influential person!”

Being an avid blogger I was ready with my question which was:

” if you could give someone in new in business or just about to  start up,  only 3 tips, what would they be?”

And Tim’s  advice was as follows:


  1. Start now! – Don’t procrastinate
  2. Being passionate  and knowledgeable about what you are selling be it goods or services
  3. Collaborate with others


I wholeheartedly agree with  all 3 points especially the last one,  as we are now moving into the season where collaborating (which I will save for another blog!) is becoming essential , unless you have very deep pockets financially, the way forward is to share resources, connections and knowledge.

Oh and just in case you wondered…Tim is a really nice guy!

Tim and I

Tim and I



If you haven’t yet purchased my e-book which is full of business tips  for £2.99 at my shop…what are you waiting for?  Why?



“Life’s too short!”



Life's Too Short - by Angela R Morris

Out for £2.99!! Life’s Too Short (so handle your business) – by Angela R Morris


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Do You Know about The Power of Digital Marketing?


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By Angela Morris

Do You Know about The Power of Digital Marketing?

What is digital marketing? (I hear you ask) Keeping it simple, digital marketing a tool used to promote products or brands using one or more forms of electronic media. How is it different? Digital marketing uses channels and methods that allow your business to analyse marketing campaigns and understand what is working and what isn’t!

Digital marketing is an excellent branding tool which some of you are using this strategy already but perhaps don’t realise it!

digital marketing

Just like any other business, when it comes to digital marketing, you need to have your strategy clear before you start to execute it. For example if you want to create your first  Facebook group, LinkedIn or make a YouTube video here are some things to consider:

  1. Who is the customer & what problems are you solving?
  2. What makes you different and what is your branding plan?
  3. Where are your customers and where are you likely to find them?
  4. Who are your competitors?
  5. What is your tactical plan going forward?
  6. What will you do with the results and feedback?

Once you have evaluate the above, you can begin to think about which marketing channels will be best for your business.

You may already know that  internet is one of the more popular channel associated with digital marketing but have you thought including text messaging, mobile instant messaging, mobile apps, podcasts or just plain emailing! How about blogging?

Can you imagine being able to send out a message to thousands of potential customers at the press or click of a button?

3 reasons why you should use digital marketing:

  1. It is very cost effective- for those who don’t have “deep pockets” for advertising you can develop your own online marketing strategy.
  2. Better reach-you can get customers from FB and Twitter, whose attention you wouldn’t normally get on a regular basis.
  3. It is open season for your business- you can compete with any other business in your field, if you have solid digital marketing strategy- As long as you can deliver, size really doesn’t matter!

For those of you who may be saying “Angela, this is long!!”  I’ll tell you what is longer! Going about about it the long way round!

Why is digital marketing important? Because……


“Life’s too short!”

On that note…….if you need some more practical helpful business tips then please visit my shop and purchase for only £2.99 my ebook “Life’s too short” (So handle your business!). Just click on the book below.


Life's Too Short - by Angela R Morris

“Life’s Too Short!” (So handle your business!)  – by Angela R Morris


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Should I go for that contract?

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By Angela Morris

Should I go for that contract?


Should I go for that bid or tender contract? This business approach can be extremely lucrative however you will need to put some time and effort in just to ensure you meet the criteria and can meet the delivery if you should win it. This is very important, don’t just chase the money make sure you are robust enough as a company to manage it, if it comes through!


Sometimes you have to stop dithering and go for it. When it comes to tender contracts or bids the rule of “if you snooze you lose” really does apply! Pardon the pun! They are deadline driven but don’t let that put you off either. Some of us need a deadline to get us moving!

If I can alleviate some of your concerns in this blog I am happy to do sodistractions


What types of companies should go for tenders?

The good news is, when it comes to bids and tenders size really does not matter (sometimes it just a one man band who get it) nor what you are providing in goods and services the question is more along the lines :

Are you confident you can deliver? delivery

If you can respond positively to the point below you may be in with a good chance

• Flexibility- a rigid approach will not work (so if you are like this don’t go for it)

• Excellence – quality of service is a delivery key and will open the door for more

• Expert knowledge- If you have a narrow specialisation this could go in your favour!

• Uniqueness – you may have great new ideas on how best to deliver the goods or service

Lastly Responsiveness– You have to be able to react in a timely manner (need I say more!)

 Where are these contracts hidden?

  • Search for contract notices advertised in local newspapers and also trade magazines.
  • You can register with online government tender agencies and monitor what comes out.

Before you rush off,  are you sure that you can meet the technical, skill and experience prerequisites and that you match the compulsory requirements – e.g. environmental and diversity? Then go for it!

Once you have found a suitable contract, apply for it and yes there is a lot of paperwork!!!

If at first you don’t succeed  and don’t win it, please don’t look at this as time wasted! Taking time out to write tenders can clarify not only your aims but reflect on your strengths and weaknesses. Why not ask for feedback on your bid if you don’t get it as this may raises your profile with the provider and helps you learn about the clients’ needs.


Having said all of the above, you have to be in it to win it! Why? Because…


“Life’s too Short!” My new business ebook

on sale now at just £2.99! (just visit the shop page)


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