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My meeting with media and publishing CEO Allan Sealy

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My meeting with  media and publishing CEO Allan Sealy

It was my pleasure to meet up in London with Allan Sealy CEO of MIA designs and he’s done a bit of acting too (he keeps this quiet though!)

Don’t be fooled by the softly spoken Allan! As well as owning MIA designs and MIA publishing house, Allan is currently promoting MVP-life – the magazine for successful living, which showcase critical insights from field leaders and captains of industry on how to become an outstanding achiever in all areas of life. He started out on his own in 1997.

Allan sees himself as a business trailblazer, always striving to provide a unique service. He is also a trained life coach as well as a prolific writer and motivational speaker. He is the author of Pearls of Wisdom Life Skills Strategies and his teachings on life mastery has helped many in identifying their true passion and purpose in life. A man of excellence, his passion (which comes across when you meet him) is to communicate the principles that unleash the unlimited potential within each of us. In addition to this, he is a really nice guy!

As per usual, I asked my favourite interview question which is: What are the 3 most important things you would tell a start-up business? His reply was as follows:

  1. Have a clear vision-if you have a vision then you can make a plan, which you can then match up to presenting opportunities. You may even have several layers of vision which will need constant evaluation
  2. Identify your core strength- Ask yourself questions such as: “Is this good for me?” or “Does it add or take away from my vision?” This can take time to work out.
  3. Focus- don’t try to do everything however remember at the same time that some things will have to be learned through trial and error

I hope you find these tips helpful as a gentle reminder of how much attention you need to spend on yourself when it comes with running your own business. Why? Because….

“Life’s Too Short!”



Allan Sealy and I


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Life's Too Short - by Angela R Morris

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5 Ways to identify your target market in business

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By Angela Morris

5 Ways to identify your target market in business


Hi Everyone

If you are used to reading my blogs you will know that I am a great fan of “first things first” in business. One area of tremendous importance within the world of start-ups and dare I say with any size of business – is identifying your target market.

Your target market can be a person, a company, an organisation which is either voluntary or corporate, it can even be an entity such as a local authority. The important thing is that YOU know who you are trying to reach with your products and services. Did you know that you are more likely to succeed in business when you are strategic in identifying who your target market is?

This is why a business plan is helpful to help you document who is going to benefit from using your business services. If you don’t have a business plan you need one!

In the meantime here are 5 important questions which may help you when you consider identifying your target market:

Target market


  1. Who am I selling to? Are they individuals? Businesses? Charities? – As tempting as it is to say “All of them!” can I suggest for now you pick one or two client groups at the most?
  2. Where are they? Do they live in social media land or are they holed up in the building somewhere? – You need to find them!
  3. How am I going to get my product or service in front of them? After all it is one thing to find them but another thing to get in front of them. Especially if you have to negotiate with the “gatekeepers” of your potential clients.
  4. What am I going to say to them which will guarantee a sale when I do get in front of them? Are you “pitch” perfect?
  5. Why should they buy from me? What makes me stand out from the rest who may be offering a similar or even identical service?


Finally, if you can get these steps right it will be a great leverage for creating a fantastic marketing tool to reach your audience, however, first things first, please decide who your target market is! Why, Because….

                                                   “Life’s Too Short!”


Angela R Morris is the director of AM Total Business Solutions Ltd, dedicated to “Getting you up and running in style!” in your business. More information can be found on her website www.angelarmorris.com where you can also sign up for her monthly newsletter.


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5 ways experts can help to grow your business

AM Total Business Solutions Ltd - www.angelarmorris.com

By Angela Morris


5 ways experts can help to grow your business


Running a small business has various challenges, however did you know that there are experts out there who can help grow your business?

I love working with people who know more than me! I do not see them as a threat, rather I seem them as my teachers who will help me go further and faster than I would have without them.

One of the common complaints I come across when talking to other small businesses is the fear that other people will steal your customers from you. All I can say about that is if you have made a healthy bond with your client they will remain loyal to you. If that is your reason for not collaborating or working with experts then it may take you a while to get your business up and running.   

attracting people in business


So what can experts do for you and your business? Here are 5 areas to consider:

  1. Social media- We all understand the need to keep on the frontline of social media for many of us this is how we keep a “presence” for potential customers. This can also be incredibly time consuming, so unless this is your money maker then maybe you could outsource it?
  2. Accounting- Why not remove the stress of having to get your finance and books straight (unless of course you a very good at this) and get some assistance with this?
  3. A Business Mentor- Go to someone you consider to be a trusted advisor (who won’t steal your clients or contacts) who can support you in keeping focused and not wandering off into unknown territory!
  4. Partnering or collaborating – this can be done for particular ventures or projects which you know you can deliver in part but not the whole thing. This could be very lucrative if you are prepared to take the risk and work with someone else.
  5. Marketing- getting together with an expert who knows their stuff and how you need to promote your particular service is like gold dust! You might just need to pay for a couple of sessions to get you off the ground.

All of this being said it is still your choice how you wish to grow your business however in my humble opinion getting support for the areas which are either too time consuming or not your strength is worth the investment. There are times to be protective over the growth of your business and there are times to attract people with strengths.

If you are a visionary leader or an entrepreneur, you will definitely need time and space to let your creativity flow (those of you in this category know exactly what I mean!) rather than getting bogged down in the nitty gritty of service delivery. Why? Because….

“Life’s Too Short!”


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3 Reasons why collaborating in business can be good for you

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By Angela Morris

3 Reasons why collaborating in business can be good for you

Have you given any thought to collaborating in business? Did you know that this is an option you could consider if you need to give your business a boost?

              So what is “collaborating” in business all about?

A quick definition:  Collaboration enables individuals to work together to achieve a defined and common business purpose.


Here are 3 C’s for collaboration and how it could benefit  your business:



C- Connecting. If you are able to connect with someone who has a business that compliments yours this can be helpful in terms of doing commission splits on referrals which work both ways. As a word of caution: only go with those people you feel comfortable with (irrespective of what they can offer)  and don’t be too diverse in your product/service spread. Remember this is about collaborating not feeling manipulated into doing something you are not really keen on!

C- Contribution. If you are working on a joint business venture (not the same as a legal business partnership) be clear about what each party is bringing to the party! Stay realistic. Do not offer the world, unless you really have the world to give! This will avoid any confusion or resentments when the money starts to come in. No one really complains about effort….until the pot starts filling up and then the word “effort” suddenly takes on a whole new meaning!

tug of war


C- Communication. Keep talking to each other. Even the best of relationships breakdown when no dialogue is taking place on a regular basis. As part of your collaborating, it is important that you take responsibility for keeping the other party informed of any important changes. Keep your expectations realistic too! This is also how you build trust between each other. Oh and if you do have “trust issues” then forget about being in business!

If you have not tried collaborating yet, why not look around for someone local who has complementary services to yours? Who knows a great collaboration may be born! Why? Because….


“Life’s Too Short!”


Further Reading

Further reading



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Whether you are in business or not. You need to vote!

AM Total Business Solutions Ltd - www.angelarmorris.com

By Angela Morris

Whether you are in business or not. You need to vote!

The General Election is upon us and I believe that everyone who can vote, should!

Being a black female and a business woman, I have a lot of reasons to ensure that I do not take for granted the ability to impact change in our nation. How? By putting my “X” in the box when polling day comes on 7th May.


I watched the movie “Selma” which was all about black people being opposed for wanting to vote. Well here we are, people of colour!

The story of Emily Pankhurst fighting for the rights of women to vote. Well here we are, ladies!

At one time in Britain, only people who owned land could vote this was changed and…here we all are, citizens of Britain!

vote 1



Please do not use “I am busy with my business” as an excuse not to cast your vote as you may regret that apathy when the new prime minister is announced!

Don’t say “It doesn’t matter!” My response to that is to tap you on the shoulder and say “Excuse me, your ignorance is showing!”

Obviously, I am not going to tell you who you should be voting for, nor am I telling you who I am voting for (that’s my business!), what I will say is if you don’t vote then don’t complain about who is in power!

Looking back over history and the story of the vote, in my opinion, it would be a travesty not to maximise our opportunity of liberty and freedom to choose who we believe would be best to help us business owners, through the next few years.



Life’s Too Short!