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.Angela R Morris MSc

BAME Parenting Trainer Angela R Morris

BAME Parenting Trainer Angela R. Morris

You can access my parenting resources and parenting products all designed to assist with your parenting challenges, stresses and anxieties.

Anyone who told you parenting was easy, lied! Even if you think you are the best parent in the world you still wonder if you are getting it right. Right?

Some of you may be wondering how on earth can you do successful BAME parenting in a country that has different values to your cultural values?

I have conducted extensive research into parenting in a multi-cultural environment. You can request a brief summary of this by signing up for my newsletter.

You can join my group on Facebook: The BAME Parenting Coach. This is a membership, only group. It’s all about BAME parenting – and that’s all!

All of the material provided is created in a format which is non-judgmental and helpful for encouraging you to carry out your parenting duties.

All BAME parents I salute you. Your role is not easy. But is it worth it? Absolutely! You will succeed and have lot’s of stories to share along the way.

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My very best to you

Angela R Morris MSc

The  BAME Parenting Coach

Objective of these Workshop Sessions:

BAME Parenting
  • To discuss and bring solutions to the challenges that BAME parents face when living in a multi-cultural society such as the UK
  • To highlight how our cultural, religious or social values may differ from those of our children as they grow up.
  • To raise awareness of what cultivates aggressive behaviours, gang culture, CSE (Child Sexual Exploitation) and substance misuse in children and young people.
  • To examine the most effect ways of setting boundaries and keeping children and young people safe.

Parenting Courses

Child Development

Understanding Your Child Development

What is a child? What purpose do they serve now that they are here?

Know your Parenting Style

Know your parenting style

Looking at the different practises and styles of parents today, and your own experiences of being a child

Cultural and Social Values

Culrual and Social Values

“We don’t do it like this back home!” (The challenges of integrating parental values into your host society)

Effective Communication

Effective Communication with your Child

“My child won’t listen to me” (How to keep the dialogue going with your child) also…How to set boundaries effectively- It’s all about empowerment!!

Anger vs. Aggression

Anger vs. Aggression

What influences aggressive behaviour? Also…What does the UK law tell us about raising children? – Why you should care so they don’t end up in “care”!



“I can’t believe they don’t believe!” (When having faith is no longer enough for your child)